Trail Etiquette

Trail Courtesy

If you should encounter a horse or group of horses, here are some guidelines:

1.  Stop Pedaling

2.  Get off your bike and step to the side of the trail. If you are on a hill, step to the downhill side of the trail.

3.  Engage in conversation with the riders. This lets the horses know that you are a human. Don’t get back on your bike until all horses have passed you.

4.  If you are coming up behind horses, keep a far distance until the horses are in a safe, wide open area. Once the horses are in a wide open area, talk in an audible voice to get the riders’ attention. If it is a commercial trail ride, be sure that the lead wrangler is aware that you are there.  The horses will pull to the side when they are in what they consider a safe area. Await instruction on how to pass the horses.

5.  NEVER ride up behind horses in a constricted area such as thick trees or bushes, near a steep hill or cliff, next to a loud stream, or on a tight corner.

6.  Be patient. Spending 2 minutes of your day waiting for horses to pass is not the end of the world.

7.  Never assume anything about horses. All horses are different and all horses are unpredictable.